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A diverse and dynamic society that encourages the St Andrews community to explore global politics and current affairs.

St Andrews is home to one of the most highly-ranking International Relations (Politics) departments in the UK. Along with the university’s highly international student and staff body, it is only natural that Foreign Affairs Society thrives here. 

Foreign Affairs is University Affiliated and is the IR school’s official student organisation. However our society is not just populated by IR students but attracts a range of majors, including geographers, historians, and scientists.

What do we do?

One of our main occupations is our annual lecture series. Notable speakers we have hosted include the Prince of Jordan, the Japanese Consul General, and the political attaché of the Israeli Embassy in London. Without fail, our events are eagerly attended by students and faculty of the university. Our lectures are complemented by formal and informal debates, socials, and we also have a weekly radio show (tune in to STAR radio at 5pm every Sunday for ‘This Week in Foreign Affairs”).

In addition to this, we hold an annual conference, the St Andrews Foreign Affairs Conference (‘SAFAC’), which each year considers a different theme. Past themes have included Global Health and Pandemics, the Arab Spring, and Nationalism. The conference attracts international speakers and crosses academic disciplines – for example, our Global Health themed conference in 2014 was organised in collaboration with the Economics Society, Medsin St Andrews and Medicines Sans Frontiers. More information on the upcoming conference can be found at www.safac.co.uk.

A third and crucial component of Foreign Affairs is the Foreign Affairs Review, our journal. A team of over 40 analysts publish articles weekly on their website foreignaffairsreview.co.uk, allowing deeper exploration into global politics and current affairs beyond the scope of the International Relations course. Founded in 2012, the Foreign Affairs Review prides itself on being the largest publication at St Andrews, both in terms of staff size and output. All analysts are competitively selected, and write authoritatively and regularly on a wide range topics.

Our society is open to all students at St Andrews, no matter their degree subject or year, and aims to connect students with political thinkers and organisations in the wider professional world. If you’re interested in current affairs and global politics, we want you to get involved.